The industry in which PERUN WORKS operates is often thought of as simply anti-virus industry which is dominated by established, big vendors. Cyber threat intelligence is different in the sense that it:

  • Focuses on Advanced Persistent Threats and not on commodity malware;
  • Does a thorough analysis of tailored malware to understand intentions of its authors;
  • Tracks APT actors to provide attribution.

Currently only governments and corporations can afford for such intelligence services to protect themselves from APT actors. Our intention is to deliver those services not only to big organizations, but to also make them affordable for SME and retail users.


PERUN in Slavic mythology is the highest god of the pantheon and the god of thunder and lightning. Like Germanic Thor, Perun is described as a rugged man with a copper beard. He rides in a chariot pulled by a goat buck and carries a mighty axe, or sometimes a hammer. The axe is hurled at evil people and spirits and will always return to his hand.

Perun Works logo


Logo – Thunder marks such as these are ancient symbols of Perun, which are often engraved upon roof beams of village houses, particularly in Eastern Slavic populations, to protect them from lightning bolts. It is conjectured their circular shape symbolises ball lightning